Greg Eleftheriou




Greg Eleftheriou is a composer, musician and tutor. He has composed music extensively for films and theatre, having won three Best Soundtrack‘ awards in international film festivals. His numerous collaborations with directors and choreographers have led his original music to be performed in different prestigious venues and in a variety of contexts.

The need to explore and stretch musical boundaries has led him to compose concert music that is often part of contemporary music festivals. All of the above have a significant reflection to his more ‘popular’ music, making it more intriguing and special.

As a performer, he is an accomplished guitarist having recorded 4 studio albums, toured Europe & Latin America repeatedly and performed as a session musician in music and theatre shows. On top of that, he teaches the craft of guitar playing to many young or older students. His ability to play the piano, the viola, the clarinet and also to sing, make him a versatile and diverse performer.

The need to communicate knowledge and ideas, led him to run an aspiring YouTube channel where he shares his activity on performing, composing and explaining music.



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