Intervals on Guitar – 1. Octaves


In the video series ‘Intervals on Guitar’, I try to make the practice of the intervals more fun, inspiring and motivating.
How? I’ve composed some beautiful sounding exercises and etudes, to accompany your practice. It’s not only that I tried to make them inspiring, but they’re really essential to learn each interval.
The first video is about the Octaves.

If you want to master the Octaves on the guitar, if you want to be able to locate where the same notes are and to it with the most fun way I could think of, then this package is ideal for you!

This item includes:

  • High quality TABS/Sheet Music of the Exercises, the Etudes and the Shapes [PDF]
  • Audio files with all the Exercises & Etudes [WAV]
  • High quality Backing Tracks of all the Exercises & Etudes [WAV]